Grindhouse Inspired

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A Brutal film in the vein of a 70's Grindhouse film.

While on a road trip; Roger and a group of friends are forced to fight for their lives against a group of savage killers 

Written by 

Michael A. Isaacs & Ruth Allynn Anderson 

Directed by 

Michael A. Isaacs

Cinematography by 

Sophano Van

Asst. Camera by

Alex Centeno

MakeUp by

Desiree Quigley 

Fx MakeUp by

Michael A. Isaacs

Wardrobe by

Ruth Allynn Anderson 

- C A S T -

Chase McGuire 

Katie Meyer 

Simone Valentine 

Alycia Lourim

Ruth Allynn Anderson

Kevin Rodriguez

Braeden Baade

Breeanna Judy

Michael Evans

Tom Patrick

Carlie Verdecia

Laura Meadows

Mindy Robinson

Shawn C. Phillips 

Lisa Valerie Morgan

James McCoy 

Tim Maschack

Timothy Ray Brandon 

Michael Tari

Down On Your Knees
Shuvlhed (Live Forever [Explicit])

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